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Solutions to quickly adapt to Post Pandemic operations.

The reason I created Technology 4 Hotels is I love to help and as an industry, we could do with a bit of help.  As soon as COVID hit, I looked ahead to what our industry would need and I have solutions to help you adapt and recover as fast as possible.

If your property is operating or preparing for recovery, all will help.  Here are the Top 5 Post Pandemic Solutions.

  1. Digital Compendium and Menus with NO Capital outlay with SABA Guest Request.  Compendium and Menus plus Mini Bar on Demand, Room Servicing on Demand.
  2. Shrinkwrap the TV Remote in seconds with a hairdryer.  A visible change that your guests and team will appreciate.
  3. Contact LESS Check-in.  From ID readers to reduce contact during check-in and reduce operational admin to fully integrated kiosks that can offer upsells and complete the entire check-in and check out process.
  4. Disinfect in 70% Faster with 65% Less Chemical with the difficult to get Victory Electrostatic Sprayer – yes, we have stock here in Sydney
  5. Digital Contactless Magazines and Newspapers for Guests – Guests use their phone, tablet or laptop

There is no doubt it is a different world from the one we knew and guest expectations have changed.  Much as hospitality is about connection and being human and that will always be true, we need to do this with less physical contact than before.  Less contact with people, less contact with everything and guests will have a considerable motivation to interact using their phone, tablet or laptop such as order room service, ask when check out is etc, our solutions allow you to still offer a great experience with less contact and your guests will be very appreciative.

As an industry, we need to change and also demonstrate to guests that we have changed too.

Mobile Check-in

5 Star Smart Check-In, Make the Check-In process four times faster.


Simple to use Centralised Workflow Tools to increase staff productive and improve guest experience.

Guest Communication

An Artificially Intelligent (AI) messaging platform that your guests use on their own device.

ID Reader

Contact LESS Reception just got easy. Guess can scan their licence or passport at check-in.

QR Code Ordering
Order Up

Think Menu Log without the 35% fees. Guests scan a QR Code, order and can settle to their room or credit card.

Staff Workflow – BPN Maestro

Guest Request Manager allows for efficient guest request communication from anywhere in the hotel. Your operator could log a guest request in a mere 3 clicks.

Chatbots – SABA

An Artificially Intelligent (AI) messaging platform that your guests use on their own device.

Room Cleaning On-Demand – SABA

Room Cleaning on Demand empowers your guest to let you know if they’d like their room cleaned or not.  Experience shows, hotels can save up to 70% in housekeeping costs.


Contact the hotel technology specialists for a consultation and find out how you can offer your guests the latest in-room tech solutions.


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