Never gets sick and always available for Your Guests

Imagine a loyal employee who never calls in sick, who is available 24/7, who never complains and who is just there to help your guests. They always present well front of house and also good at completing all the back of house checks and balances. A fully customised Smart Check-In Solution can do just that.

This is a fully customised solution that will enhance the guest experience. This will speed up the check in process by up to 4 times and allow you to have staff on hand to offer true hospitality as opposed to painstakingly validating details for a booking. We are all very accustomed to “self check-in” concepts from supermarkets to airports and I urge you to watch the 65 second video to quickly gain a true appreciation of how innovative this is.

Complete Check-in and Check-out Solution

The Smart Check-In Solution takes care of the complete check-in and checkout process.

  • Provide your guests a selection of rooms to choose from (optional at your discretion)
  • Programs the room keys
  • Handles the payment
  • Handles early check-in
  • Sell extras such as breakfast or late check-outs (optional at your discretion)
  • Allow your receptionists to help wherever they are needed and have more time to make guests feel at home.
Smart Check-In Solutions

The number of screens presented to the guest is as little as possible to speed up the process.

  • Check-in can be handled within 30 seconds
  • Checking-out can be done in around 15 seconds.

The Smart Check-In solution is built into furnishings to achieve a clean and accessible solution that enhances your lobby

Customised and Integrates with Existing with existing systems

Fully customisable and Interfaces with your PMS and Locking systems and integrates with your business processes.

We don’t want to boast, but our Smart Check-In Solutions are veritable allrounders.

Whether it is about printing, reading chip cards and barcodes or dispensing items (e.g. hotel key cards) – our check-in solutions are a lot more than fancy looking computers. Indeed, they are connectable with almost any peripheral device – serving your guests and taking the Guest Experience to the next level.

Reliable & high-quality hardware

As diversified our check-in solutions may be, they have two essential ingredients in common: reliability and quality.

Built to last

When it comes to our check-in systems, we believe in both extraordinary and robust design.

The hardware looks stunning, and are also made of resistant materials – easily withstanding over zealous guests or other kinds of outside influences.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A: I’m glad you asked ……..

A: I’m glad you asked ……..

A: I’m glad you asked ……..


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