Let Guests Stream their Music

Bluetooth Streaming Speakers

Stand alone or within a Clock - Bluetooth streaming is a must

Guests want to listen to their music and with Bluetooth, you can make it easy for them to listen through in-room speakers.  Most properties provide this through the bedside clock and we have soundbar options too.


Soundbars are a great way to enhance the guest experience in larger rooms and suites.


Small footprint, funky design, large display, alarm clock and 3 USB Charging ports.


Tivoli audio well know for its stunning design, and phenomenal sound quality.


Modern design with sought-after Wireless Qi charging as well as USB charging ports.


Junior Wireless Qi charging Clock RADIO with Bluetooth

JBL Horizon Hotel

Eye-catching alarm clock with ambient light and USB charging port.

iHome HW5

Clock with Wireless Qi Charging and USB port to charge guest phones.

iHome HBN22

Fully featured Clock Radio with Bluetooth speakers and dual USB ports to charge guests phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology standard that is used for exchanging data between fixed and mobile devices over short distances. In hotels, it is nearly always used for streaming audio ie music from a guest’s phone to an in-room speaker.

A: Bluetooth cannot be used for video streaming, essentially because there is too much data for Bluetooth technology to handle.  As a rule, casting is the best option for guests to use to stream video content.

A: Yes, you should provide Bluetooth streaming for your guests mainly because they expect it.  It is also very economical to provide and most guests use Bluetooth when at home, and expect to be able to use it at your property.  Most properties provide it through the bedside clock and there are other stand-alone dedicated Bluetooth speaker options too.

A: You can provide a Soundbar for Bluetooth streaming but make sure it is suitable for a hotel!  Many domestic soundbars can only pair to up to 20 devices which at home, is fine.  In a hotel, that’s not OK particularly if you are guest number 21!  If you want to provide a soundbar, make sure it can pair with enough devices.  Also, take into account the potential for noise complaints before implementing a sound bar with massive volume.  More often than not, the optimal solution for a Bluetooth speaker is one that is incorporated within a bedside clock.