Guest Request Manager with - BPN Maestro

What if your operator could log a guest request in a mere 3 clicks?
No more follow-up calls and manual paperwork, plus all the insight you need.
  • Instant SMS alerts to the housekeeper in-charge of the room
  • Item delivery tracking
  • Reminder SMS
  • Daily statistics.

Paired with a dedicated mobile app and many new features, the

  • 300+ Requests – Add your own or choose from 300 different work and guest requests for immediate follow-up
  • Individual Follow-Up & Grace Periods – remain flexible on how fast things need to happen by setting your own follow-up times
  • Escalation – Set a grace period for each request until the Supervisor / Manager gets alerted automatically
  • Send Later – Schedule guest requests in advance by utilizing the Send Later option and get deliveries / tasks done on time
  • Scorecard Summary – learn your guest’s top requests; delivery time; caller frequency; rush hours; and more all in one place

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Guest Request Manager is a simple way to capture guest requests, route them to te correct associate ad if needed, and escalate to supervisors.  It ensures guest requests are not forgotten and are completed within the timeframes as per your standards.

A: Guest requests can be captured on a PC – think Reception who may have taken a call from a guest or a mobile device, an associate can log a request straight away.

A: Guest Request firstly ensures all guests and captured and actioned in a timely manner so it reduces guest complaints that can get quite serious if requests are not met in a timely manner.  As all requests are captured electronically, it allows for business insights so you can see “rush hours” and put in place measures to handle them efficiently and see the top requests and again, look for ways to reduce them.

A: Guest Request benefits guests by ensuring their requests are met in a timely manner.  This significantly enhances their experience.


To improve their guest experience through technology

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