Digitise your Digitize Your Property’s Paper-Based Compendium For A More Dynamic Guest Journey
Promote a hygienic, contactless and engaged experience by allowing guests to access all hotel information via their own mobile device.

What is a Digital Compendium?

A fully customisable digital compendium from SABA delivers a world of experiences to guests, through their own mobile device, without any App downloads. Enhance the guest experience and empower them to explore your facilities, services and recommendations, while minimising unnecessary touchpoints.

Create a rich and immersive guest journey and integrate with existing property systems, so guests have everything they need for a smooth and seamless stay at their fingertips, in one central location.

What Can a Digital Compendium Do?

A digital Compendium can provide an array of interesting, engaging and relevant property information to make for a contactless, simple and seamless guest journey. Available 24/7, during the pre-stay and on-property, guests can:

  • Browse videos, images, menus, and other media at their own leisure
  • Access restaurant, spa and other booking platforms from one central location
  • Discover the latest enticing property offers and promotions
  • View information in their own language
  • Get answers to all their questions
  • Reduce unnecessary touchpoints

How Does the SABA Digital Compendium Work?

A simple to manage guest engagement platform that enhances the guest journey, reduces load on frontline staff, and provides better business outcomes. Our quick and easy setup means all properties, big or small, luxury or budget, can implement a digital compendium and:

  • Connect with guests throughout their entire journey
  • Eliminate the CAPEX expenses associated with traditional compendium
  • Update information at NO cost, and have it instantly available to guests
  • Reduce guest touch points
  • Schedule or create instant in-house promotions to drive revenue across all outlets and facilities
  • Targeted offers and promotions based on your customers demographic
  • Provide guests all information in a single, centralized location
  • Integrate existing software such as table & spa reservation platforms to drive additional value from these systems

Key Benefits for you and Your Guests

Dynamic and engaging guest information, instantly available to their mobile device, without any downloads. Available in your branding and the language of your guests.

Moreover, with an easy to use and intuitive management dashboard, updates are easy and instant, so your guests always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: A Digitial Compendium is a valued source of information for your guests presented in an easy-to-access and engaging digital format on your guest’s phone.  It can include test images and even videos, imagine a welcome video from the GM instead of a tired “letter” and much more.

A: The Digital Compendium is accessed by scanning a QR Code, it can also be accessed via a URL / web link.  So QR Codes can be placed in the room, many properties use semi-permanent ‘decals’ in the guest room and have the QR code on a key card wallet.  The Compendium can also be sent to the guest as a URL / web link in a pre-arrival or welcome email or text message so it’s very easy to ensure it is available to your guests.

A:  A Digital compendium is far more engaging and informative than a dog-eared leather-bound, often out-of-date paper-based compendium.   The information is easier to find and useful, beautifully presented with images and video, not just text.  Many guests are appreciative that a Digital Compendium is far greener than a paper-based compendium too.

A: The benefits of a Digital Compendium for  Hoteliers are far-reaching.  One of the key benefits is that is up to date all of the time in every room!  Hotel staff can easily update it in an instant and then all versions are updated straight away too.  It is also far more cost-effective and quicker to implement a Digital Compendium as opposed to a paper-based compendium.  As it is Digital and Engaging, there are more opportunities to promote hotel services and generate revenue both from the guests utilising services and referral fees from booking tours etc with companies you partner with.


To improve their guest experience through technology

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