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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Technology 4 Hotels are totally focussed on improving the Guest Experience at Hotels, in fact, the CEO, Brendon Granger says that CEO stands Chief Experience Office.  He’s a hospitality veteran and scours the globe for the best products that will work in hotels and enhance the Guest Experience.  If he can’t personally help, you , he’s only too happy to introduce to someone else who can. He cares about you and the Guest Experience as he looks at the long term and has relationships with clients that literally span decades.

A: Hotels are unique and hotel guests are unique too.  As a rule, domestic or office products are not suited to a hotel.  There are many aspects but one is the simple, yet very valuable “Single Day Alarm” on an alarm clock, no guest wants to be woken by the previous guests alarm.

Noise, hotel TVs, Hotel Speakers (including Clocks) have a maximum volume cap so as to reduce the risk of noise complaints.

Security – hotel guests do often like a souvenir, a discreet way to secure items is often wise so small electronics with a  security lanyard and TVs with locking bracket are great ways to keep things there they should be.

Multiple pairings to Bluetooth speakers – at home, even with a pack of teenagers, not that many people want to pair to your bluetooth speaker but a hotel is completely different.  Most domestic bluetooth speakers have a limit of around 20 unique pairings, ,if you are 21, best of luck.

Easy to Use – Hotel guests do NOT want to read instructions, all items must be esa to use and have the features clearly visible.  A TV with 3 remotes and a complicated menu will not improve a guest experience, likewise, an office phone won’t make it easy for a guest to call for Room Service.

A: Hospitality TV offers a special set of features for the hospitality industry; such as;

A start-up channel and pre-set start-up volume can be set
The maximum volume can be set to avoid noise complaints
The TV can be “locked” so that guests can not alter its configuration.
This includes locking the side buttons for menu access, volume and channel control.
Menus can be locked (i.e. colour adjustment etc), channels can be locked out and inputs such as HDMI, VGA etc can be locked so guests cannot connect their own devices. This is generally done to prevent guests from making copies of pay for view movies

The TV has interfacing capabilities so that it can work in conjunction with the movie providers Set Top Box
Once one TV is setup you can “clone” the configuration to setup the other TV’s
The TV normally has a commercial on-site warranty

Companies such as Philips, LG, Samsung and Sharp make a Hospitality model.

New models are always coming out, we work closely with  TV manufactures and can assist you with identifying the appropriate make a model to suit your needs.