Mini Bar On-Demand - SABA

Centralised most or all of your mini bar and provide as and when needed
No more Mini Bar Headaches - Reduced stock holdings, reduced out of date items, reduced denials

Minibar on Demand – remove the stock from the room – Some or all of it, the choice is yours

No stock tied up. No need to check consumption daily and no denials.

You can simply have a QR code on the Minibar fridge which brings up the menu. Because it’s digital you can offer more choice to the guest.  So rather than just one type of red or white wine they can select from whatever is available downstairs.  You can also do specials i.e. 4 beers in an ice bucket or beer & nuts or popcorn and icecream as a movie night package.

Huge savings with reduced stock needed, reduced wastage and reduced denials.  Plus more savings with reduced labour needed for daily restocking, regular “use by date checking” and awkward discussions about denials.

The flip side is ticket value of purchases go up with “bundled” sales and automated upsells.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Mini Bar On Demand is a way to offer guests the convenience and appeal of Mini Bar items with a clever twist, the items are centralised as opposed to in every guest room.  The guests orders what they want and it gets delivered to them.

A: Mini Bar on Demand is very quick and Easy to implement.

  1. Remove all / most Mini Bar items from guest rooms and centralise the stock.
  2. Include Mini Bar on Demand in your SABA implementation.  SABA already includes your compendium and Menus – Mini Bar On Demand is an extra module included at no extra cost.
  3. Place QR Codes in the Mini Bar area/fridge advising guests that you have a more extensive Mini Bar On Demand offer.

A: There are many benefits associated with Mini Bar on Demand, the major ones are reduced overheads and ongoing costs and increased revenue.

Our clients with Mini Bar on Demand enjoy considerably higher ticket prices for purchases along with all the cost savings.

One of the bonuses is being able to offer more, such as more extensive drinks options.  You are no longer contained by what can fit in the fridge.

Save Money
• Reduced stock holdings
• Reduced labour on checking and restocking items in guest rooms
• Reduced stock losses with out-of-date and damaged product

Increased Revenue
• Increased ticket item value of Mini Bar Transactions
• Automated upsells and bundling of offers
• Greater range of products and more expensive products on offer – premium alcoholic beverages, add-ons like Portable Battery for phones

A: Guests benefit from Mini Bar on Demand by having a greater range of items to choose from, appealing presentation with images, appealing bundles, Popcorn and Drinks for an In-Room Movie Night.


To improve their guest experience through technology

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