Guest Entertainment

Helping Hoteliers Deliver The Best Possible In-Room Experience To Their Guests

Why Guest Entertainment?

Make it Easy for Guests to Enjoy Their Own Content

Today’s guest has access to an incredibly vast array of digital content; that no hotel could ever hope to rival through its own content offering.  Guests don’t want to channel surf when they can use their mobile devices to access just about any content that interests them. Savvy hoteliers understand this problem all too well and are moving to provide solutions that enable guests to enjoy their own content on the guestroom TV.

TVs / Casting

Casting – allowing guests to watch their content on your TV. Netflix is the most popular.


Make it really simple for guests to stream content from their mobile device to the guestroom TV. Powered by Chromecast.


Make it really simple for guests to stream content from their mobile device to the guestroom TV. Powered by Chromecast.

Digital News

Provides 7000+ Full Content, Real Replica, Magazines and Newspapers directly to your guests’ own mobile device. This can be promoted before, during and after your guest’s stay. Much appreciated luxury and helps to meet your “green” credentials.

MediaHub UHD

Allow your guests to connect to the in-room TV via an auto-sensing connectivity panel


Allow guests to connect to TV via HDMI or USB.


Contact the hotel technology specialists for a consultation and find out how you can offer your guests the latest in-room tech solutions.


Hear From Some Of Our Clients

“Technology 4 Hotels was recommended to me by my colleagues.  They supply modern and reliable customised hotel phones and had exactly what I was looking for.  They understood my needs and kept me updated throughout the whole process.  They are easy to deal with, genuinely helpful, capable and professional.  The service was excellent.”

Cian McClafferty
General Manager

“Brendon and his team are exceptional to all others I have dealt with, they are extremely professional, communication is fantastic and any request or concern is auctioned immediately and efficiently. It is an absolute pleasure working with them. I would certainly recommend Technology 4 Hotels and their equipment. Brendon really understands what the client needs. He understands his product and goes out of his way to help you understand how it works. I think that if Accor held an awards ceremony for the Supplier of the Year, I would like Technology 4 Hotels to be nominated! They are that good.”

Claire Jackison
HES (Hotel Equipment Services) Manager

“I was Chief Engineer at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins and our existing phones needed to be replaced as the current model no longer existed. I had known Brendon for some time and all of our dealings have always had positive outcomes. I had experienced problems in the past with different phones from a another supplier so I had concerns about buying phones but based on past experience, I felt I could trust Brendon. ​I needed a specific phone that met our brand standards, with flexibility around the design of the face plates and a quick turn around on the order.

​Brendon suggested he could provide the phones and gave me his word that there were no concerns (especially regarding compatibility with my PABX)​, once Brendon gave me his word, everything​ else was just a formality. The service I received was ​second to none. Brendon was always quick to respond to my emails and follow up on any of my requests/questions. If you are a hotelier that requires technology products and are looking for flawless service and superior products I recommend you speak to Brendon and the team at Technology 4 Hotels.​​​”

Anton Van den Brink
Chief Engineer


Frequently Asked Questions

A: BYOC or Bring Your Own Content is a generic term used to describe making it easy to bring and consume their content.  It can be as simple as providing a Bluetooth speaker so they can pair to it and listen to their music to a TV with Integrated casting so guests can watch Netflix from their account.

A: Guests want it!  That’s the quick answer guests want to listen to their music / podcast and watch TV from their streaming service.  They are no longer interested in hotel-provided content, even if it is free and they certainly don’t want to pay for a movie.  They want to watch from their subscription service as it knows what episode they are up to!

We often talk about a curated guest experience, by allowing them to listen to THEIR music and watch THEIR TV / Sport. Movies, TV Series, you are proving a curated experience as it is perfectly tailored to them and their preferences.

A: Providing BYOC Bring Your Own Content is best done by making informed smart choices of inclusions within a hotel room.

There are two main ways to do this;

  1. Bluetooth Speaker  – best provided within a bedside clock, larger suits may also want to consider a stand-alone sound bar.  Bluetooth is for sound only, eg Music, Podcasts
  2. Casting – best provided integrated with the TV but “over the top” options are also available if there is no need to update the TVs.  CVasting is for Video eh Netflix, YouTube, Foxtel Go

A: BYOC or Bring Your Own Content is all about enhancing the guest experience so the most critical factor is to make it easy for the guest.  If you need an Engineering degree to paint to the bedside clock – don’t purchase that clock!  Likewise, if you need to be really tech-savvy to cast to the TV, don’t deploy that solution.

Pro Tip – the Grandma test – if your Grandma could figure it out, it’s a great solution.  If she couldn’t, find an alternative.

Yes, we can help you with that – we are tech savvy (so we know what’s out there) and we are also from hotel backgrounds and totally obsessed with creating a fabulous guest experience.