Digitise your compendium and menus - give your guest access on their own device using a familiar QR Code
Guests don't have to download anything. It’s not an App but it looks like one so its easy to use.

Digital Compendiums are a must-have “these days” and guests and hoteliers prefer it to the traditional paper compendium. Not only that, the Food and Beverage order system can transform your operations as you don’t just have to use it for food ordering.

Our “Guest Request” System will allow you to easily change your operations to offer “On Demand” services.

We are helping properties save up to 70% on housekeeping costs by this one small change that is easy to put in place

  1. Guests are advised that staff will not enter their room unless requested and guests really appreciate it.
  2. Guests are provided with a QR Code so they can access the compendium, menus and hotel services, including room cleaning via their phone.
  3. Should the guest want their room cleaned, they request it and you can offer the option of a full clean or an “eco-clean”, again, another opportunity to reduce your operational overheads.

Minibar On-Demand – It’s a “silver bullet” that drives incremental revenue up and operational expenses down.

This is something every property should consider – even if you don’t offer a minibar now.

Easy to implement;

  1. Remove or reduce Mini bar items in the guest room – Save on stock holding, time and effort to replenish and wasted stock that has past use-by date.
  2. Have the QR code handy for the guest, at the bedside, on the minibar fridge
  3. Bring minibar items to the guest once they have requested it

Properties that have implemented Minibar On Demand are immediately enjoying

Increased revenue

  • The system offers upsells automatically  – “Nuts with your beer”
  • A wider range means more sales and often a high value
  • Expensive items can be offered as no longer concerned about denials.  Premium / full bottles of wine, premium beers, electronic items like power banks, ear pods
  • Visually appealing with images so guests more likely to purchase

Reduced Operational Costs

  • Reduced stockholding as no longer need a full range in each room
  • No labour associated with checking and restocking each room’s minibar
  • No wastage due to expiry dates or guests damaging items
  • No ‘negotiating’ at checkout as the guest ordered item so denials reduced or eliminated
Digital Menus including Placing Orders

Menus can be easily digitised and guests can order from their phone.

  • No staff needed to take orders
  • The system will automatically offer ‘upsells’, wine with your steak, extra sides, dessert – all totally customised for your property
  • Updates can be done in seconds so should run out of something, simply remove it so you don’t have to apologise to guests and help them select an alternative
  • Likewise – if you have too much of something, you can offer a special so food wastage is minimised
  • You can offer a greater range as no concerns about printing costs such as your entire wine list, your full menu
  • Menus can be scheduled so only breakfast shows at “breakfast time.”
How does it work?

The “Guest Request” system looks, feels and behaves like a familiar app but it used the latest “progressive web app” technology.

This means…….

  • Guests will use it because it is easily accessed via a now-familiar QR code.  Guests do NOT want to download an app for a one or two-night stay
  • Guests intuitively know how to use it because it acts like an app
  • It’s available on the guest’s phone so available anywhere on the property not just their room, so poolside too
  • You can send it in advance with a Booking Confirmation
  • Any updates you do are immediate to anyone and everyone everywhere
Taking satisfied a step further

You can add a ChatBot.  The ChatBot can answer frequently asked questions, “teach” guests how to use the air conditioner and other items in apartment-style properties.  Many properties start with the Digital Compendium and Menus and upgrade to the ChatBot at a later date – this flexibility is greatly appreciated.

The Chatbot can even “check-in” with your guest to gain guest sentiment during their stay.  If they are happy, the chatbot will encourage them to leave a review on Trip Advisor, if they are not happy, the ChatBot will alert staff so they resolve the issue straight away and before, the guest gets to TripAdvisor!


To improve their guest experience through technology

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