Wireless Qi Charging

Super Convenient, Charge Apple, Samsung and Hundreds of Phone Models

No Cables, No Hassels

Place a Phone on the Charger and is Starts to Charge Straight Away

Wireless Qi charging is super convenient and there are many options from included incorporated with a clock at the bedside to waterproof options that are ideal at a bar.  This small yet important guest convenience will be sure to banish “low battery anxiety”.  Your guest simply places their phone on the charging pad and it starts to charge straight away.


Modern design with sought-after Wireless Qi charging as well as USB charging ports.

Thru Furniture

A hidden wireless charger that instantly transforms a surface into a wireless charger.

Mophie Charge Hub

Premium universal wireless charging hub with USB A and USB C ports

Charge Pad

Wireless Qi charging with the added bonus of USB Charging too.


Junior Wireless Qi charging Clock RADIO with Bluetooth

On Desk Qi Charger

Wireless Charging for your guests “Qi” certified to guarantee maximum device compatibility.

iHome HW5

Clock with Wireless Qi Charging and USB port to charge guest phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Wireless Qi charging is a technology that lets you and your guests charge their phone without cables.  The phone is placed on the charging ‘pad’ and will start to charge straight away.  It’s been around since 2008 and in 2017 when Apple adopted it, it really took off.  It is the industry standard across 100’s of phones, Apple, Samsung, Android, Google, HTC, LG Electronics etc.  It works with tablets, earbuds and many other gadgets your guests have with them.

A: The answer to the question, “Will it last? is yes.  There are two main reasons; it’s tried and tested and has amazing momentum and all phone manufacturers have aligned on this single standard.  Qi charging was first released in 2008 and in 2017 when Apple adopted it, things really took off. The Qi standard has now been incorporated in more than 200, smartphones, tablets and other devices including Apple, Samsung, Google, HTC and LG Electronics.

A: Qi charging is a mature technology (so you know it won’t change in a hurry) yet not available everywhere so it’s a great way to differentiate your property. It’s always wonderful to provide your guests with an unexpected and appreciated extra.

Wireless Qi charging is a very effective way to take the guest experience up a notch and also make your guests feel relaxed and confident that their phone is charged. The benefits to you are they will stay more often as a house guest, stay in the lobby, restaurants longer and no doubt spend more. It’s so convenient to pop your phone down and know it’s charging.

A: I always recommend options, so as to ensure ALL guests are catered for.  I recommend also providing USB charging ports, ideally USB A (traditional) and USB C (new standard).  That way guests with older phones, bulky phone cases, and other devices are all catered for.  Most of our solutions provide Wireless Qi charging AND at least one USB option.

A: I am a strong advocate of providing wireless Qi charging to your guests now so that investments you make today are still relevant tomorrow, 3 mths from now and 3 years from now.  Most of your guests are already carrying phones that charge wirelessly and there are strong rumours that Apple will manufacture phones in the not-too-distant future that only charge wirelessly.  Much like they got rid wired headsets.