Intelligent Purchasing and Accounts Payable

Purchasing, Data Extraction, Approval and Reporting
How Lightyear can Help You

Consolidate your purchasing, bookkeeping and Bill approval within one intuitive cloud platform with the world’s fastest Purchasing and AP automation software.

What does LightYear Do?

Lightyear simplifies the hospitality finances giving you and your team time, saving money and providing up to the minute reporting.

When it comes to finance, hospitality is complex;

  • Multiple suppliers from multiple departments
  • Multi-site locations
  • Mostly manual approvals workflow
  • A lot of paper to keep track of
How does LightYear Work?

Lightyear was designed specifically to remove this complexity, completely remove paper and streamline every process so you can

  • Get back up to 80% of time with reduced data entry and streamlined approvals
  • Always pay the correct agreed amount so save money
  • Reduce monthly costs
  • Spend less time doing admin

While at the same time providing you with real-time data for reporting.

  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Order Goods/Services
  • Receive Goods/Services
  • Automated 3-Way Match
Accounts Payable
  • Data Extraction
  • Automated Bookkeeping
  • Export API/CSV
  • Statement Reconciliation

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Lightyear is a cloud-based solution that automates Purchasing and Accounts Payable

A: Lightyear can create, approve and send PO’s to your suppliers for immediate ordering. Match your POs with your deliveries and invoices for 3-way matching.

A: Lightyear can have set bookkeeping automation rules for GL coding, tracking categories and supplier tax rates. Set rules based on supplier or Invoice specific criteria.  This saves many hours in data entry and recoding and improves accuracy and therefore business intelligence significantly.

A: Lightyear will automatically compare each lines’ product code with your supplier’s agreed price list, flagging any that are overcharging to you.  This results in significant cost savings by ensuring being invoiced correct values and reduced labour as there is no need to manually cross-check pricing.


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