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MakeUpMyRoom Streamlines Cleaning Processes To Save You Money

Efficient Housekeeping, Real-Time Reporting, Enhanced Guest Satisfaction
How MakeUpMyRoom Can Benefit Your Hotel

Boost your hotel’s housekeeping efficiency with MakeUpMyRoom, a platform created by hotel housekeeping experts. This solution enhances productivity for managers and staff, reduces costs, and improves guest satisfaction through real-time reporting

What is MakeUpMyRoom?

MakeUpMyRoom simplifies complex housekeeping tasks using advanced technology and years of industry expertise. It saves time, cuts costs, and provides up-to-date reports, making your operations more efficient.

Key Features
  • Guest Requests: Directly routed to housekeeping managers for swift allocation, ensuring focus on rooms ready for cleaning.
  • Accurate Data Capture: Prevents manipulation of cleaning times, ensuring reliable information.
  • 4-Click Process for Housekeepers: User-friendly interface with clear task lists and a simple 4-step cleaning process.
  • Sophisticated Reporting: Provides detailed performance data to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimise operations.
  • User Access
MakeUpMyRoom is accessible to a variety of users within a hotel:
  • Housekeeping Managers & Team Leaders
  • Front Desk Operators
  • Housekeepers
  • Guests
  • Training and Support
  • They offer expert training for smooth adoption and ongoing support to ensure your team is confident in using MakeUpMyRoom. The platform’s features can also be customised to meet the specific needs of your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: MakeUpMyRoom is a platform designed to streamline housekeeping operations, created by hotel housekeeping experts. It enhances productivity, reduces costs, and improves the guest experience with real-time updates and detailed reporting.

A: MakeUpMyRoom simplifies housekeeping with a 4-click process for housekeepers, accurate data capture, and real-time updates for managers. This reduces manual coordination and ensures rooms are cleaned efficiently, saving time and resources.

A: The platform is designed for housekeeping managers, team leaders, front desk operators, housekeepers, and guests. Each user type has access to features tailored to their role.

A: They provide expert training to ensure a smooth adoption process and continuous support to maintain user confidence. The platform can be customised to fit the specific needs of your hotel.

A: MakeUpMyRoom offers detailed performance reports that help identify areas for cost optimisation. These reports ensure that resources are used efficiently and that housekeeping operations are cost-effective.


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