Guests bring A LOT of Gadgets - they all need power

Power in the right Place

Many options to provide more charging Options for Your Guests

I have been in the industry for over 35 years.  All of that time, one of the greatest guest frustrations has been not having enough options to power and charge their gadgets from laptops to phones to ear buds.   There are many options to enhance the guest stay significantly by proving the right charging options in the right locations.


Dual USB Ports incorporated into a Double Power Outlet


Allow guests to connect to TV via HDMI or USB.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The best location is where the guest can access it!  Power outlets for guests should be at “desk height” and NOT on the floor.  Power outlets at the bedside and desk/work area should be above the night stand or desk.  You want it to be convenient and you do NOT want them checking how clean it is under the bed while grovelling around for a power outlet.

A: We highly recommend providing USB C ports, the industry standard in USB charging.  USB charging has been around a long time, the traditional wide port is called USB A, the new narrower port is called USB C.  We highly recommend providing USB C so you have maximum longevity and if you have the option to provide A as well, we recommend that for guests with older gadgets.

A: Yes.  We strongly recommend wireless Qi charging for guests.  Not only is it ultra-convenient, but chances are that in the future Apple phones will ONLY be able to charge wirelessly so you want to be able to cater to them today and in the future.  Having said that, we do recommend providing USB charging options too.

A: No!  Unless it’s a chargeable item.  Most guests travel with their cables and do not require them.  If you provide them in the guest room, chances are they will leave with the guests as we all lose cables and are pretty keen to have a spare.  Offering quality cables through Mino-bar on demand is a great option but we recommend NOT having the stock in the guest rooms.