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Pre-Arrival Check-In: ROI in Just 29 Days

What Hotels Can Learn From Airlines As we’ve mentioned in one of our other articles, there’s a lot the hotel industry can learn from the airline industry. One such area is the concept of pre-arrival check-in, also known as mobile…
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AI Benefits for Hotels: The Truth

Transforming Hospitality for the FutureArtificial Intelligence (AI) is more than a buzzword; it’s a transformative force reshaping the hospitality industry in a plethora of ways. For senior executives in the 4 and 5-star hotel market, it’s useful to understand AI…
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Digital Menus and Digital Ordering

From Menus to Maps

Go Paperless, Go Digital In the fast-evolving landscape of hospitality technology, digital ordering and hotel digital compendiums are revolutionising service delivery. For progressive General Managers, leveraging these digital solutions is essential.  With most guests already adept at using QR codes,…
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Why 000 should not be on Your Guest Room Phone

In the realm of Australian Hotel Emergency Call Protocols, the management of emergency calls is a pivotal aspect of guest safety for hoteliers in Australia. This approach starkly contrasts with practices in the United States, where Australian emergency services recommend…
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Top 10 Energy Efficiency Strategies

Implementing energy efficiency strategies in a 5-star hotel can yield several benefits, both for the hotel itself and for the environment. Here are some of the key advantages: 1. Cost Savings and Hospitality Energy-efficient practices, including LED lighting, advanced HVAC…
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Case Study: Beyond Technology

Background The Novotel Sydney Airport Hotel approached Technology4Hotels with a seemingly straightforward request: a quote for two internet-connected televisions to display flight departures using a webpage provided by the Sydney Airport Corporation. As seasoned advisors in the hotel technology industry,…
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