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Housekeeping: Cutting Costs, Not Corners

“…housekeeping [should be looked upon] as a scientific occupation” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Our Biggest Cash Outlay

Conventional business wisdom suggests that labour costs can account for as much as 70% of the total running costs of a business. Hotels are no different, and it’s essential to keep an eye on the profit and loss. This is especially true for housekeeping cutting costs, not corners.

It’s All About Communication

Alas, in our efforts to delight guests, two obstacles often present themselves: a guest is unhappy because the room isn’t clean, or because they had an unpleasant interaction with a staff member (both pet peeves of guests). Many times, communication is the bottleneck along the value chain between a guest, a manager, and a team member. The guest was expecting to check in early, but finds that their room is not ready. The team member is confused about what to do next, and feels pulled between pillar and post. The manager is so busy putting out fires that their hair IS on fire!

Help Is At Hand

Ever the disruptive innovation, technology once again saves the day. We now have the ability to co-ordinate more effectively between the various parties that make a hotel work, while at the same time acknowledging the value they bring to the equation: a hotel cannot survive without guests; team members work at the coalface to make everything runs smoothly, and managers provide a steady hand to guide the ship.

One such technological innovation is MakeUpMyRoom, a platform designed by hotel housekeeping experts to smooth the road of housekeeping operations, with streamlined processes that enhance guest experiences, cut costs, and boost productivity.

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The How

It is quite possible to leverage technology to simplify complex housekeeping tasks (in much the same way we have used it for digital menus), making life easier for you and your team (and in the process, delighting your guests).

Here are some of the ways this is possible:
  • Guest Requests, Handled with Precision
    A request by a guest to make up their room (this is where the name of the solution comes from) can be sent directly to housekeeping for swift allocation. This ensures your team focuses on rooms needing attention, enhancing efficiency and guest satisfaction.
  • Accurate Data & Reporting
    If your housekeeping data is reliable, you get accurate insights, helping you identify cost-saving opportunities and improve overall efficiency. This leads to informed decisions that maintain high standards. Your team knows what to do and when, and they maintain a steady work pace.
  • Simplified Processes for Housekeepers
    Housekeeping can be demanding, but with a user-friendly interface to navigate tasks, rooms can be cleaned efficiently and to the highest standard. Lines of communication between leaders, front desk operators, and housekeeping teams are clear. This makes super-cleaning possible, which means housekeeping cutting costs, not corners.
  • Teams Love It
    The success of any innovation rises and falls with its level of adoption. It’s uncomplicated. Teams across all levels find MakeUpMyRoom to be the easiest solution to navigate. It’s housekeeping and housekeeping only!
  • Training and Support Tailored for You
    Adopting new technology can be daunting. That’s why it’s important to offer training that makes your teams confident and proficient in using it. If the technology offers customisable features to fit the specific needs of your property, even better.
The Numbers Don’t Lie

An upmarket hotel in downtown Melbourne is using the MakeUpMyRoom platform to super-clean their rooms. Because they offer a mixture of luxury apartments and hotel rooms of various sizes over some 40 floors, their housekeeping operation is the most complex system in the hotel. Despite this, they report that guests love using digital devices to communicate their room cleaning needs (as opposed to hanging a sign on the door), and team members love the platform that shows them exactly what is needed, when, and where.

In addition, the hotel managed to achieve the following, just by taking their housekeeping digital:

  • A cost saving of AU$250,000 per year on training, recruitment and payroll
  • Workflow efficiencies have dramatically improved
  • No paperwork gets lost because it is all digital
Have Yourself A Digital Pampering

Hoteliers are usually the ones doing the pampering, but by taking your housekeeping digital, you’ll feel like you’re being pampered. For more information on the product we recommend for housekeeping cutting costs, not corners, please click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: A digital housekeeping solution ensures each member of the housekeeping team knows exactly what needs to be done, in what order of priority, at any point in time. This means they have accurate, up-to-date information, including requests from guests to make up their room, and “Do Not Disturbs.”

A: Digital housekeeping provides reliable data and accurate reporting, helping identify cost-saving opportunities and improve efficiency. The platform delivers insights for informed decision-making, maintaining high standards in housekeeping operations.



A:  Digital housekeeping offers a user-friendly interface that helps teams efficiently navigate their tasks. Clear communication lines between leaders, front desk operators, and housekeeping teams ensure rooms are cleaned to the highest standards, boosting productivity and satisfaction.

A: Digital housekeeping solutions offer tailored training to ensure your team is confident and proficient. Customisable options meet the specific needs of your property, making the adoption process smooth and effective.

A: A luxury hotel in Melbourne using digital housekeeping saved AU$250,000 annually on training, recruitment, and payroll. They also saw improved workflow efficiencies, with no lost paperwork due to the digital system.