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Why guest room Phones?

Make it Easy for Guests to Connect with Your Team and Services

The guest room phone remains the most simple and reliable way for guests to communicate with your team. It also provides the best way for your hotel to build rapport and demonstrate empathy with guests by offering a channel for personal, one-to-one conversations.  Not to mention, in an emergency, everyone knows how to use a phone.

When choosing your guest room phone you need to make sure it is simple to use and that its quality reflects the quality that your property wants to convey to your guest. The guest experience depends as much on subtle impressions as it does on big gestures.

Lobby Phone (SIP)

Modern styling. Small footprint. Cordless Next Generation (Analogue)

Lobby Phone (SIP)

Modern styling. Small footprint. Cordless Next Generation (Analogue)

Frequently Asked Questions

A: As with many guest-facing services, one of the most important factors is ensuring it is easy to use.  The VTech range have dedicated service keys so the guest presses a button and is connected with a team member that can assist them.  Other factors are that it must be reliable and suit your decore ad the VTech range certainly tick those boxes.

The other factor is value for money and longevity, our first VTech installation was in 2012 and those phones are still working perfectly so they are extremely good value for money with the total cost of ownership putting a smile on everyone’s face.

A: An analogue phone is a standard phone much like at home – if you still have a landline ;-).  It runs over a standard telephone cable and you plug it in and are good to go.  A SIP (Standard Internet Protocol) phone also referred to as a VoIP or an IP Phone has “smarts” built into it and these phones require network cables, usually Cat-5 or Cat-6.  These are managed centrally from the PABX.

Deciding what to use largely depends on your PABX, if it is an analogue PABX, you need analogue phones.  If it is a SIP PABX, it is common to use a SIP phone but can use Analogue if you desire.

A: Yes, the good news is we have phones that can operate over your Wi-Fi network.  So if you don’t have cabling or what you have is damaged or unreliable, you can still offer the convenience of guest room phones without the expense of running new cabling.

A: “One Touch” is super important to your guests if you are providing cordless handsets.  In a “nutshell”, it allows for INSTANT connection to your team when the guest presses a service key.

I know, doesn’t sound “mind-blowing” but it is!

Usually, with a cordless handset, you need to “open the line”, ie press “talk” and then dial.  On a home phone it is intuitive but in a hotel with a phone with speed dials, guests expect they press the button and will connect to a person.  They do NOT realise that they need to “open the line” first.

“One Touch” from VTech eliminates the need for the guest to ‘open the line’ first, they press the button and are connected.  The VTech range are the ONLY phones on the market with “One Touch”.

Without “One Touch” guests think the phone is broken, they get frustrated, stomp down to reception, usually waiving the handset in anger and then complain and what started as a small request has quickly escalated into a public complaint in the lobby for all to see.

That’s why “One Touch” matters!


Contact the hotel technology specialists for a consultation and find out how you can offer your guests the latest in-room tech solutions.


Hear From Some Of Our Clients

“Technology 4 Hotels was recommended to me by my colleagues.  They supply modern and reliable customised hotel phones and had exactly what I was looking for.  They understood my needs and kept me updated throughout the whole process.  They are easy to deal with, genuinely helpful, capable and professional.  The service was excellent.”

Cian McClafferty
General Manager

“Brendon and his team are exceptional to all others I have dealt with, they are extremely professional, communication is fantastic and any request or concern is auctioned immediately and efficiently. It is an absolute pleasure working with them. I would certainly recommend Technology 4 Hotels and their equipment. Brendon really understands what the client needs. He understands his product and goes out of his way to help you understand how it works. I think that if Accor held an awards ceremony for the Supplier of the Year, I would like Technology 4 Hotels to be nominated! They are that good.”

Claire Jackison
HES (Hotel Equipment Services) Manager

“I was Chief Engineer at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins and our existing phones needed to be replaced as the current model no longer existed. I had known Brendon for some time and all of our dealings have always had positive outcomes. I had experienced problems in the past with different phones from a another supplier so I had concerns about buying phones but based on past experience, I felt I could trust Brendon. ​I needed a specific phone that met our brand standards, with flexibility around the design of the face plates and a quick turn around on the order.

​Brendon suggested he could provide the phones and gave me his word that there were no concerns (especially regarding compatibility with my PABX)​, once Brendon gave me his word, everything​ else was just a formality. The service I received was ​second to none. Brendon was always quick to respond to my emails and follow up on any of my requests/questions. If you are a hotelier that requires technology products and are looking for flawless service and superior products I recommend you speak to Brendon and the team at Technology 4 Hotels.​​​”

Anton Van den Brink
Chief Engineer


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