Bedside Charging Hub, Bluetooth Speaker that just happens to also have a clock too

Let Guests Charge their Phone like they do at home - at the bedside

A Clock can and should be more than just a Clock

A bedside clock is handy, particularly for guests that need to be ready at a specific time for a meeting or a fun day out.  It is in an expected convenience but a clock is really a bedside charging hub that happens to also include a clock.  You really cannot provide too many charging options for your guests and a clock is a perfect way to provide USB and Wireless Qi Charging for your guests.  It should also be a Bluetooth speaker so guests can stream their music.

Not all clocks are equal and in hospitality, unlike home, there are some specific “must haves” with a hotel clock.

  • Multiple Dimmer settings – Some guests want a beacon, others want a blackout
  • Single Day alarm – Ensure that guests are not woken by previous guest’s 4am alarm
  • Security lanyard – Our clocks are great, some guests like them a bit too much
  • Obvious charging options – USB port charging ports need to be at the front and wireless Qi charging clearly visible
  • Battery backup – Maintain time in the event of a power outage or a guest unplugging the clock!

Small footprint, funky design, large display, alarm clock and 3 USB Charging ports.


Tivoli audio well know for its stunning design, and phenomenal sound quality.


Modern design with sought-after Wireless Qi charging as well as USB charging ports.


Junior Wireless Qi charging Clock RADIO with Bluetooth

JBL Horizon Hotel

Eye-catching alarm clock with ambient light and USB charging port.

iHome HW5

Clock with Wireless Qi Charging and USB port to charge guest phones.

iHome HBN22

Fully featured Clock Radio with Bluetooth speakers and dual USB ports to charge guests phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Top 3 features of a good hotel clock may surprise you

  1. Single Day Alarm so guest not woken by previous guest’s 4am alarm
  2. Multiple Dimmer setting – each guest is different and very particular about this
  3. A way to charge their phone, at least USB and we recommend wireless Qi Charging too.

A: Clocks with the old style 30 pin and then the new lightning docks are no longer made.  Mainly due to lack of consumer demand.  “These days” clocks offer charging via USB and Wireless Qi charging.  This also means that guests with Apple or non-Apple phones benefit from the charging options available in your bedside clock.  Docks only suited Apple phones.  So, no, you are unable to purchase a clock with a dock but the options today suit ALL guests and I happen to think that’s a good thing.

A: Wireless Qi charging is a technology that lets you and your guests charge their phone without cables.  The phone is placed on the charging ‘pad’ and will start to charge straight away.  It’s been around since 2008 and in 2017 when Apple adopted it, it really took off.  It is the industry standard across 100’s of phones, Apple, Samsung, Android, Google, HTC, LG Electronics etc.  It works with tablets, earbuds and many other gadgets your guests have with them

A: I am a strong advocate of providing wireless Qi charging to your guests now so that investments you make today are still relevant tomorrow, 3 mths from now and 3 years from now.  Most of your guests are already carrying phones that charge wirelessly and there are strong rumours that Apple will manufacture phones in the not-too-distant future that only charge wirelessly.  Much like they got rid wired headsets.