Improved Guest Engagement Through Personalised Communication
Enhance your guest experience and streamline hotel operations through highly personalized communication using your guest’s preferred communication style.

What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is an automated communication platform that provides a quick and easy way for guests to communicate with a hotel. Whether requesting services and amenities, asking a question, making a complaint, or seeking recommendations, our intelligent Chatbot provides responses instantly to the guest’s own mobile device, creating a seamless guest experience while removing workload off frontline staff.

This easy to access guest service agent lives and breathes with guests from the moment they book, to the time they check out. And they don’t need to download a thing! The SABA Chatbot is that essential employee you never had, but always needed, to elevate the guest journey and free up staff to engage in more high-value tasks.

What does a Chatbot do?

A Chatbot enhances the guest experience by answering their query immediately.  From “What time is breakfast?” to Where is the gym?”.  This also takes the pressure off already stretched frontline staff.

How Does a Chatbot work?

Think of it as an instant FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions “library”.  Most hotels receive a lot of similar questions, we will work with you to “teach” your Chtabot the common question and the appropriate answers.  If it gets confused or can’t help, it will escalate to a human also your guests are never left wanting.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: A Chatbot is an automated communication platform.  It provides a quick and easy way for guests to communicate with your hotel.

A: The greatest benefit of a Chatbot is that it will instantly assist your guest and greatly reduces calls to reception.  Think of it as an instant answer for guests for the most common questions like, What time is Check out?  Where is breakfast served?  A good Chatbot will enhance the gues experience nad take pressure off staff.

A:  The SABA Chatbot is set up to address common guest questions and requests and is smart enough to get a person in evolved if needed.  The backend AI is excellent, it even had an appropriate response when a guest told it there was a snake outside their room!

We will help you set it up to respond appropriately and on brand.  There are many common questions that we will suggest to assist you and you and your team are no doubt aware of many  of the questions and requests from your guests.

A: The Chatbot is accessed via QR code which is great as there is no app for the guest to download and guests do NOT like downloading apps.  The Chatbot is available to them throughout their stay and it never has a day off.


To improve their guest experience through technology

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