Teleadapt Mediahub - FAQ

TeleAdapt MediaHub – Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Apple iPhone 5 features a new 8-pin dock connector called the Lightning Connector.  A Lightning cable doesn’t support video-out on its own however a Lightening Digital AV Adapter will allow a guest to play video via the HDMI port on the MediaHub.

The MediaHub is fully compatible with the new Apple iPhone 5 in many of the same ways as all other iDevices.  Guests can use MediaHub to play music through the TV speakers from their iPhone 5 through the TV using the Mini Stereo Jack or video thru HDMI. The iPhone 5 can also be charged via the MediaHubs USB port.

A: Yes, MediaHub is fully compatible with Apple iDevices, including iPod®, iPhone® and iPad®. Hotel guests can use MediaHub to play music and/or video from their iDevices through the TV using the Composite A/V input, HDMI input or Mini Stereo Jack. The USB port will also charge their iDevices.

A: All MediaHub models allow multiple devices to be connected to the panel at once. MediaHub SL+ and each model of the MediaHub TL range will auto-sense when a guest plugs in and will automatically switch the TV to play content from the most recently populated port.

A: For hotels interested in providing audio/video cables for their guests, TeleAdapt offers a range of ConnectKits and individually wrapped cables that are perfect for sales through the gift shop, mini bar or for rental through the concierge.

A: Auto-sensing is a built-in feature of the MediaHub TL range and MediaHub SL+ that will allow MediaHub to automatically detect when a device has been plugged into a socket.  The socket identified as “in use” will begin to play content to the TV.

Auto-switching is the automatic switching of the TV input away from regular programming (tuner mode) to MediaHub panel audio/video (MediaHub mode). Switching of this nature requires a serial or CEC connection to the TV.  TeleAdapt has engineered their MediaHub TL range to integrate this feature with hospitality’s top TV brands. Contact us for a list of model-specific integrated TVs.

The MediaHub SL (TA-8800) is a strictly passive model and does not support auto-sensing or auto-switching.

A: Currently, MediaHub SL+ and the entire MediaHub TL range offer auto-switching with the following regional hospitality TV/STB brands:

– The MediaHub TL supports auto switching with an model of TV that supports the HDMI-CEC protocol.  These includes Samsung, LG, and Philips Hotel TVs.

A:  Yes, MediaHub can be installed with any hospitality TV or Interactive STB with the necessary installation ports available. MediaHub SL requires a Composite A/V, VGA with paired audio and HDMI connection to the TV. MediaHub TL panels require just one HDMI connection to the TV.

A: Most MediaHub models can be mounted flush in case goods or millwork. MediaHub TLiX has a hard-wired version that is designed for in-wall installations.  Desktop models are also available.  Mounting brackets for securing desktop models on tabletops, under-desks or in drywall are also available.

A: All MediaHub models come equipped with 3-3.5meter installation cables. Other lengths are available, depending on Minimum Order Quantities.

A: The desk mount kit is fitted to a detached wall mounted MediaHub.  This will turn the MediaHub into a desk mounted MediaHub.

A: Yes, TeleAdapt MediaHub is the only connectivity panel in the hospitality industry that offers a range of trims and bezels to suit any guestroom design and décor.

A: TeleAdapt has already thought of the various ways to make it easy for you to tell your guests how to personalize their in-room entertainment experience.  Choose between the following accessories/options:

  1. Acrylic DeskCards™ – We offer a wide variety of acrylic DeskCards that are perfect for providing step-by-step instructions on how to use your MediaHub amenity.
  2. Silkscreen the Bezel – For a small fee, hotels may silkscreen easy to understand instructions right onto the MediaHub bezel.
  3. Guest Compendium/Room Binder – TeleAdapt offers templates with basic guest instructions that can be formatted to fit your compendium’s specifications.