Faster Check-In, LESS Contact Check-In

Read IDs in seconds, Update a booking or create a walk-in and no more photocopying
How does this ID Reader Help?

Reading a licence or passport takes seconds and will update an existing booking or create a walk-in.  All information is accurate, no more time wasted photocopying and correctly storing and managing paper copies of IDs.

The ID Reader enables the automatic transfer of text and images from personal and travel documents eg licence, passport etc  into hotel property management systems (PMS) within a few seconds.

Many properties capture photo ID as a means of checking against the credit card being used to pay for the service and reduce the loss of income.

Contact LESS Check-In

The ID Reader can be guest facing so the guest will place their licence/passport on the scanner.  This vastly reduces the contact between the guest and staff.  The ID reader can be sanitised with an alcohol-based wipe or soft cloth dampened with a disinfectant.  As with all electrical items, spraying any sort of liquid directly on it is not appropriate.

A Simple and Effective way to speed up check-in and reduce costs associated with administration.

How it works;

  • Welcome guest, if they have a booking, look it up, if not create a Walk-In
  • Scan Licence or Passport
    • System can detect and read over 2,000 types of documents, passports, licences
    • Your PMS will be populated and updated with all the required information
  • Issue room key, advise guest of the property facilities

This European design ID Reader significantly reduces administration allowing for real cost savings and allows staff to focus on welcoming guests as opposed to photocopying and checking all details.  It also stores the information to comply with GDPR so you have peace of mind knowing that personal guest data is stored and managed correctly.

License and Passport Scanning Solution for the Hospitality Industry

ID Reader is based on image processing and optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which:

  • Reads all passports made by international ICAO 9303 standard
  • Reads ID cards, drivers licences, health cards, various membership cards (ICAO and NON ICAO)
  • Reads special characters (Š etc.)
  • Reads more than 2,000 document worldwide

ID Reader has an official interface with most of the major hotel property management systems such as Opera, Fidelio and Protel. Where an official interface is not available, Adria Scan’s keyboard emulation solution, Plug’n’Scan, can be easily implemented.

Advantages of PMS-integrated scanning technology

The ID Reader ensures automation of business processes and increases overall service quality level.

Benefits of the ID Reader include:

  • Scanning process starts from the existing hotel PMS
  • Time saved – faster data input results in higher productivity of the front office team
  • Increased accuracy – reducing human typing errors
  • Higher security level – saves the guests personal ID information in a secure database rather than paper
  • Cut costs – digitalisation of personal documents, no need for photocopying
Innovative scanning devices

The ID Reader ensures automation of business processes and increases overall service quality level.

The ID Reader software uses a high-quality scanner that is small so can easily fit within the existing Front desk structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: An ID Reader or scanner, is a specialised small scanner that sits at reception and can scan licences, passports and other IDs in a matter of seconds.  It will then update your PMS with the guest’s details.  It will also store a secure image of the ID.

A: One of the many benefits is you do NOT need to photocopy guest IDs.  This saves a lot of time and associated risk as losing an archive box of guest IDs is not a pleasant experience.

A: There are many benefits, the two main ones are a much faster check-in process which both the guest had staff appreciate and the accuracy of the information in your PMS is greatly improved over manual data entry.

A: Most major PMSs are already integrated.  If you do not see your PMS listed, please reach out as new integrations are being added all the time.

  • Opera – Oracle Micros
  • Sihot
  • Protel
  • Opera Cloud
  • Infor
  • RMS
  • Apalea
  • Mews
  • Newhotel Software
  • Cloc PMS +
  • Cloudbeds
  • TMS for Hotels
  • Hilton On Q
  • Accor FOLS
  • Fidelio
  • Guestline
  • Medialog
  • CarPro Systems
  • SPG Controls
  • Synkros
  • MMK
  • Renteon
  • Avis
  • Host Hotel Systems
  • Avalon
  • ASSD
  • Gastro Dat
  • Hotelist
  • Cenium
  • TCA Innist
  • Zeus Hotels
  • Deont 2 Go
  • Totvs
  • InfoHotel
  • CTM Software
  • Kwentra
  • Ezee
  • Previo
  • Pyn Booking
  • Epitome
  • Master Yield
  • VHP
  • Power Pro Hotel System
  • Rhapody
  • Prologic First
  • Comanche
  • Smile
  • Diventa
  • Laserline
  • Istratech
  • Milenij
  • Hotelier – Hotelski Informacioni Sistem
  • Kor


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