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Empower Guests to let you know if they want their Room Cleaned
Save money by only doing Room Cleans when requested and offering an "Eco" Option too

The average length of stay in a hotel is 1.8 nights yet in most full-service properties a full room clean and linen change occurs each and every night – whether your guests want it or not!  Given a choice, many guests would opt NOT to have the room cleaned.  Many prefer not to have staff enter the room and touch their “stuff” and many travellers are far more eco-sensitive and appreciate an opportunity to do something for the greater good.

What is Room Cleaning on Demand?

Room Cleaning on Demand empowers your guest to let you know if they’d like their room cleaned or not.  Experience shows, hotels can save up to 70% in housekeeping costs.

How does it Work?

The guest requests or “orders” a room clean using SABA, a digital system that offers digital compendium and food ordering too.  Most properties alert guests at check-in that Room Servicing is optional and easily requested by scanning the QR code.  When they request a Room Clean, they can opt for Full service or an Eco service.

What are the Benefits?

Offering “Room Cleaning on Demand” is a true win, win, win.

  • Guest wins – assured of privacy and the inner glow from doing something good
  • Hotelier wins – substantial savings in room cleaning and laundering expenses – not to mention reduced pressure on already stretched staff
  • The planet wins – reduction in the use of water for laundering and many cases transport of laundry to and from the property

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Room cleaning On Demand is simply allowing your guest to let you know if they want their room cleaned or not!

A: Implementing Room Cleaning on demand is very straightforward.

On check-in have staff advise guests that room cleaning is now offering demand and show them how to scan the QR code if they’d like to request that their Room in cleaned.

Advise Housekeeping that Room Cleaning is only upon guest check-out, unless specifically requested otherwise.


A: The benefits to hoteliers are quite numerous.

  • The most obvious is saving money by doing fewer room cleans.  With the average guest stay being 1.8 nights, a guest staying for two nights will usually opt NOT to have their room cleaned at all.  Of those who do want a room clean, most opt for an “Eco-Clean”.  There are savings in labour and laundering.
  • It allows you to offer a curated stay where the guest determines what services they do and do not participate in.  With pressure to offer a guest-driven experience, this is one way we can support you in delivering on that promise.
  • Many hotels are stretched for staff, it allows the team to focus on turning rooms around so you can offer early check-in to new guests.  If you charge a premium for this, implementing Room Cleaning on demand can generate incremental revenue.
  • It assists you in meeting your Green criteria which man hotels are being put under greater pressure to do more for the environment.

A: Many guests do not like having staff in their rooms, they do not like their personal belonging touched and are concerned about security.  Many prefer knowing no=one will enter the room unless invited.  Many guests are also far more eco-sensitive and like to option of no clean or an eco-clean, particularly with a short stay.


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