PressReader - FAQ

PressReader – Frequently Asked Questions

A: PressReader is service that allows you to provide their guests with complimentary access to 7000+ Full Content, Real Replica, Magazines and Same Day Newspapers from 120 countries directly to your guests’ own mobile devices (Smartphone, iPad, tablet, eReader, or Laptop) when staying at your hotel. It’s a free mobile app that acts as an online kiosk. It is compatible with Apple iOS, Android, and Windows. It comes pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy, Acer and Asus tablets and Kindles. PressReader has been proven to reduce hotel costs in newspaper & magazine orders and improve the guest/customer service satisfaction scores, plus it’s environmentally friendly!

A: In order for guests to save full issues of newspapers and magazines to their device, they must install the PressReader app. Guests can also read stories at without downloading the app as long as they’re connected to WiFi in a Hotel that has the PressReader service

A: Guests can download and install the free PressReader app by searching for it in any major app store.

A: There is no limit to the number of issues guests can save to your device.

A: When an issue is saved, it can be kept as long as you’d like. If a guest has finished with it, thy can simply delete it from their library with a simple tap.

A: Guests will always have access to what is already on their device and still have access to for an additional  3 hours after departure from the hotel. Guests can always download more issues and read more stories any time they visit a PressReader enabled hotel, airport lounge or other PressReader hotspot.