Funky Alarm Clock with USB Charging

Small footprint, funky design, large display, alarm clock and 3 USB Charging ports
Now with USB C - and USB A charging ports - talk about how to keep all guests happy

Great little alarm clock with plenty of USB Charging ports.


Funk Factor
• Small footprint so suits tight spaces
• Large display on an angle – easy to read and looks great
• Minimalise design with large knob for controls

Bedside Charging
• 2 x USB C (new standard) ports at the front so easy for guests to charge their gadgets
• 1 x USB A (traditional) port at the back to suit older phones and other gadgets like power packs
• Supports PD Fast charging

Music Streaming
• Easy Bluetooth pairing so guests can stream their music

“Hotel – Must Haves”
• Single Day Alarm
• Security Lanyard in case your guests like it too much
• Battery backup in event of power failure or guests unplugging it

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