Junior Wireless Qi Charging Clock

Junior Wireless Qi charging Clock RADIO with Bluetooth.

Phone charging with convenient wireless Qi charging and dual USB ports so guests can relax knowing that their phone is charged. Bluetooth speaker and Single day alarm so your guests stay charged, well rested and happy.


• Wireless Qi Charging – super convenient for your guests
• Front-facing USB Ports so your guests know they are there
• Can charge multiple gadgets including older phones

Bluetooth Speaker
• Guests can easily stream their music

FM Radio
• Not all clocks have them, so if you need a radio, this may be what you are after

Hotel MUST haves
• Single Day Alarm so the next guest is NOT woken at 4 am
• Multiple dimmer settings so EVERY guest is happy
• Security lanyard in case your guest likes it too much
• Battery Backup in the event of a power failure, or the guest unplugging it

Battery Backup
• Has a unique rechargeable battery that rarely, if ever, needs to be replaced.

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