Digital Menus and Digital Ordering

From Menus to Maps

Go Paperless, Go Digital

In the fast-evolving landscape of hospitality technology, digital ordering and hotel digital compendiums are revolutionising service delivery. For progressive General Managers, leveraging these digital solutions is essential.  With most guests already adept at using QR codes, transitioning to digital platforms offers a myriad of benefits beyond the obvious shift from paper to digital.

Enhancing Hotel Operations with Digital Compendiums and Digital Ordering

Dynamic Presentation of Services

Move beyond traditional text and static images. Digital guest services enhance guest interaction through vibrant images, compelling videos, and direct links to essential services like online restaurant bookings or local tour reservations. This level of presentation significantly elevates the guest’s experience, adding value to your hotel’s offerings.

Streamlined Information Management

With digital compendiums, the accuracy and maintenance of guest information is vastly improved. Enjoy the ease of updating service details in real-time, ensuring that your guests always have access to the latest information without the worry of outdated printed materials.

Superior Guest Experience

Transform the first point of contact with a personalised welcome video from the General Manager, replacing the conventional welcome letter. A digital room service menu with enticing images and detailed descriptions makes guest interactions not only informative but also visually appealing.

Instant Updates and Targeted Promotions

Digital ordering systems allow for the quick adjustment of menus and services, facilitating real-time promotions with minimal overhead. Whether it’s a special on a prawn cocktail or a happy hour, you can swiftly adapt to guest needs and stock levels, enhancing both satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Cost-effectiveness and Revenue Generation

Beyond cost-saving, digital ordering solutions offer substantial revenue opportunities through automated upselling. Suggestions on the best wine and dessert to go with your steak” can be seamlessly integrated, promoting higher spend per guest. Additionally, digital compendiums can suggest premium services such as spa appointments or late check-out, driving further revenue.


Embracing digital hospitality solutions is not just about reducing paper use or its environmental impact. It’s about revolutionising the guest experience by providing engaging, up-to-date, and comprehensive information about your services and locale. For General Managers aiming to elevate their property’s profile and operational efficiency in the digital age, these technologies are indispensable.

Discover how our innovative digital solutions can transform your hotel’s guest experience today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: A digital compendium is an electronic version of the traditional guest information book found in hotel rooms. It provides comprehensive details about the hotel’s services, amenities, and local attractions.  We recommend that it is made available to guests via a familar QR Code. They can even be provided the QR code or a URL before they arrive.

A: Digital ordering systems allow guests to browse menus, make dining reservations, and place orders for room service directly from their personal devices. This convenience minimises wait times and errors associated with traditional ordering methods, and can include features like personalised recommendations and instant updates to menu items and services.

A: We ensure that implementing these systems is straightforward.  Our solutions do NOT require any investment in hardware or costly upgrades to existing infrastructure.  We provide full support for setup, integration with existing systems, and training for staff to ensure a smooth transition.

A: Yes, if needed our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of hotel management systems. This integration can include links to point-of-sale and housekeeping/job management creating a cohesive management ecosystem that enhances operational efficiency.

A: Our solutions have no capital outlay, there is just a modest monthly fee based on the number of rooms.  Initially, there is some input in regards to content that is usually already available in existing documentation such as an existing compendium and menus and website.  Costs are offset by the reduction in ongoing expenses such as printing and labour. Additionally, the increased efficiency and potential revenue from upselling and improved guest satisfaction can lead to a swift return on investment.

A: A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a type of application delivered through the web, built using standard web technologies. It offers an app-like experience directly in a web browser, without the need for guests to download a traditional mobile app. In the hospitality industry, this is particularly advantageous as it allows guests easy access to digital compendiums and ordering systems via a simple QR code. This eliminates the barrier of app downloads, which many guests find cumbersome, enhancing the guest experience through immediate, hassle-free interaction with hotel services.