Superior Corded Phone (Analogue)

Superior Corded Phone Offers Fully Customisable Speed Dials And Branding Whilst Occupying Minimal Space.

Affordable price, perfect for today’s modern hotel rooms.

Modern styling. Small footprint. (Analogue)

When space is at a premium, our Petite Phone is a perfect fit. Smaller than the standard-size guest room phone, it settles in discreetly. It’s full of features that accommodate the most demanding guests. Fully customisable including Branding, Programmed speed dials from 1 to 10 buttons, the choice is yours.   

Key Features
  • Antibacterial plastic inhibits 99.9% of bacteria growth
  • Special finish on handset rear and base plate resists fingerprint smudges and scratches
  • Fully customisable faceplate for hotel branding and dialing instructions
  • USB charging port makes it easy for guests to charge smart phones and other electronic devices
  • Advanced SIP configuration tool for easy mass deployment and phone monitoring
  • Colours: Silver/Black, Matte Black
  • Compatible with all major PBXs
  • Message Waiting Signal Type: High Voltage, Low Voltage, FSK, Reverse Polarity
  • Flash: Programmable timing (100/300/600ms)
  • Power Source: Line-powered
  • Humidity: 45% – 85%
  • Temperature: 5°C – 45°C
  • Model #: A2211
Silver/Black, Matte Black



To improve their guest experience through technology

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