Make it really simple for guests to stream content from their mobile device to the guestroom TV, powered by Chromecast.

What is Roomcast?

Roomcast by TeleAdapt, makes it really simple for guests to stream content from their favourite services to the guestroom TV.

Make your guests feel at home by streaming their own content to the TV with Roomcast powered by Google Chromecast.

A Simple Add-on

Roomcast is designed as an all-in-one entertainment solution that allows guests to stream any content from their phone, tablet, or laptop – right to the big screen. Do you have Apple Music subscribers? Make sure they don’t get left behind with Bluetooth functionality built right in. This is just one of the many reasons that Roomcast is the most universally applicable in-room entertainment solution.

Built-In HDMI MediaHub
If They Bring It, Let Them Plug It In

Roomcast provides MediaHub functionality as well; allowing guests to connect any device they bring with them (e.g. Xbox, Playstation, AppleTV, Roku, etc.). We have a range of HDMI cable holder or flush-panels that make these guest device connections seamless and easily accessible.

Remote control options
Control Your Way

Designed for Roomcast, the dial remote offers the best experience for the guest to navigate the on-screen menu. Guests will recognise the dial with logo and instantly know that a video casting service is available in their room.
Alternatively, the small and easy-to-use hand held remote is another option for the guest room.

The Smart Solution for Hotels & Guests
Streaming technologyGoogle Chromecast integrated apps on both iOS and Android devicesLess popular platforms like Miracast or AirPlay audio are not universal
Required downloadsNo downloads, guest use the apps they already haveMay require downloads, special pairing or special screen sharing app
Mobile app supportSupports over 1,000 cast-enabled appsLimited list of apps supported
Accessing your subscriptionsUses guest accounts on apps already on their devicesRequires logging in on TV with a virtual keyboard (painful)
Gaming console supportIncludes guest HDMI access and open WiFiMost don't support
Guest streaming stick/box supportRoomcast includes guest HDMI and open WiFi.Most don't support
Laptop supportCast from Chrome web browser using any laptopMiracast only available on select laptops
Guest HDMIGuests plug in with HDMI, and TV auto-displaysMost don't support
Guest EthernetWired connection available for guestsMost don't support
Hotel ConsiderationsRoomcastOthers
WiFi Signal ImpactBuilt-in Roomcast WiFi access point guarantees strong WiFI signal in each room!Relies on existing guest WiFi to provide strong signal in every room...
WiFi Traffic ImpactMedia streams over wired connection with almost no impact to WiFiMiracast and others massively increase WiFi traffic and slow down performance for all guests
ContractNo contract. One-time purchase. Try in 1 room or 1,000Most require a contract and on-going monthly billing
InstallationWorks with all existing systems. Simply connect to the TV, Internet*, and powerMost require new channel delivery, head-end equipment, and Wi-Fi reconfiguration


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