How a Digital Communication Platform can Transform How Your Hotel Operates

Digital age technology has revolutionised the way we talk to each other. Messaging apps and social media give us the ability to chat, make plans and organize our lives in a fast and effortless way. Yet for some reason, much of the hotel industry continues to use outdated tools and methods to communicate.

Handwritten notes are often used to pass on important guest information, and the latest staff arrivals, promotions and internal events are announced via cluttered notice boards.

These inefficient systems set the scene for confusion, and rely on staff going out of their way to keep informed. Management also has no way of accurately tracking when, or if, messages have been read and understood.

A New Era in Seamless Communication

To become more effective at communicating, information sharing needs to be digitized. Hotels need to use the kind of technology that replicates our mobile, socially connected lifestyles. In the hospitality industry, digital communication tools such as Beekeeper can provide this platform.

Beekeeper allows information to be shared via a team app, employee portal, group messaging app, and workforce platform. Everything can be accessed via desktop and mobile, so all staff at the hotel are connected and in the loop at all times.

Beekeeper is used to exchanging information, share property updates, and communicate best practices within or across departments at the property.

In the following post, we’ll look at some of the specific benefits these kinds of digital platforms offer, and how they can transform the way hotels communicate with their staff.


Seamless Sharing of Information

The beauty of platforms such as Beekeeper is that information can be shared instantly and with everyone. For example, at the start of the day, your team can look at the most important information for the day via an app on their smartphone. This lets them look at things such as daily events, numbers in and out, and any VIPs that are arriving that require special attention.

Because this real-time information can be accessed 24/7, a new team starting the night shift can instantly be brought up to speed on the day’s activity.

A streamline digital communication tool also acts as a great time-saving device. Instant messages can be sent to an individual or groups in real time, reducing the need for unnecessary face-to-face meetings.

Engagement and Recognition

One of the less obvious benefits of communication platforms is they can be used to engage and motivate staff. Achievements, work anniversaries and personal celebrations can all be announced to the whole team. This form of public recognition helps to make employees feel connected and valued, builds esteem, and can ultimately help with retention.

New employees can also be announced to everyone via social media-style posts. These posts can include the employee’s name, photograph, profile and any hobbies or interests they have. This fun and informal introduction means that new starters are immediately made to feel welcome and part of a wider team.

Gauge Staff Sentiment in a Flash

Tools such as Beekeeper allow you to send out polls and surveys to get quick feedback from your team. Managers can quickly poll their team on a host of issues, such as getting their reaction to a recent event, or asking for ideas on a future team-building activity.

Because they’re easy to complete, staff are far more likely to reply without needing to be chased up for a response, or consulted individually. In addition, the act of regularly seeking opinions from everyone within the business shows respect for their ideas, creates stronger teams, and helps to build a culture of inclusivity.

Increased Employee Productivity

Through mobile communication, working together is so much easier and time saving. Employees can instantly share thoughts and flashes of inspiration to solve problems and generate ideas within a team. It’s a far more efficient way of working than arranging formal meetings to overcome every new issue or challenge.

Files, links, videos and images can also be shared to add information, context and creativity to on-the-go conversations and brainstorms. When collaborating is made simple, the entire hotel operation stands to benefit. Employees are encouraged to work as a team, and creative solutions to problems are more likely to happen as a direct result.

The Power of Mobile Communication

Internal mobile communication platforms are transforming how hotels and their staff interact. Bulletin boards and post-it notes are being replaced by digital technology that meets the communication demands of 21st-century hospitality.

In next month’s post, we’ll look at actionable ways you can use the latest tools to transform the way you talk, including how to keep your staff happy and engaged, increase productivity, and improve the guest experience.