Contactless Check-Out

It Works If You Work It! ROI In A Month...
Money in the Coffers in as Little as 29 Days

Pre-arrival check-in and check-out – also known as mobile check-in/out – is the simplest, fastest way to improve your hotel’s bottom line.

Hotels that we have worked with have seen a considerable spike in ancillary spending, if the check-in/out process is digitised and contactless. In some cases, they have seen a return on investment in less than a month; in others, it only took two months.

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Allow Guests to Check-in BEFORE they arrive, just like the Airlines do.
73% of Guests Prefer Hotels with Pre-Arrival Check-In

Pre-arrival check-in is greatly appreciated by guests and hoteliers.  Guests check-in BEFORE they arrive at your property, much like many of us do before we take a flight.

Guests are invited to check-in the day before they arrive.  In 2 minutes, they can confirm their booking, securely provide ID, advise their approx time of arrival and do the “admin” that traditionally happens at the front desk.  With pre-arrival check-in, when the guest arrives at your property, check-in is all about being hospitable and welcoming your guests and less about checking IDs and Credit Card details.

Guests prefer it, staff prefer it and General Managers prefer it.  Much less pressure on already stretched staff and check-in becomes what it should be, a welcoming pleasant and fast experience.

Did I mention the automated upsells means the system pays for itself?

  • 350% Increase in 4 and 5 Star Reviews
  • 10x More Upsells
  • 40% Increase in Front Desk Efficiency
  • 90% Reduction in Fraud and Chargebacks
  • No  Captial Outlay
  • Check-in admin done BEFORE the guest arrives and it takes 2 minutes
  • Reduced time and admin required by reception staff so can check in more guests with less staff
  • Reduced queues at reception which results in happy guests, less pressure on limited staff, less complaints from guests and bad reviews
  • Automated upsells – upsells will pay for the modest investment, typically I in 4 upsells are accepted by guests
  • Staff are focussed on welcoming guests not checking IDs and authorising Credit Cards
  • Guests can check out too
  • Implementation is fast which means you can enjoy the benefits quickly.  Can be done in 1 business day!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: I’m glad you asked.  Pre-arrival check-in is software that allows your guests to check-in BEFORE they arrive at your property.  Much like many of us do before a flight – we check in BEFORE we go to the airport.

It is important to note that the guest does NOT need to download an App and that’s a good thing as guests, like the rest of us, already have enough apps.

A: Canary will automatically send check-in links for all your upcoming arrivals via email or text message.

A:  Three Easy Steps

  1. An Automatic Link via email or text is sent to the guest before arrival – you decide how early, usually 24 to 48 hrs.
  2. Guests securely submit info.  Submit their credit card, upload an ID and sign a digital registration card.
  3. Canary’s proprietary technology checks for fraud, verifies hotel guest information and enables the hotel to check the guest in.

A: Canary has “smart lock integration” and this enables guests to skip the front desk entirely with mobile keys.  For hotels without smart locks, guests simply pick up a key from Reception.  Yes, there are automated key dispensers.


To improve their guest experience through technology

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